I Don’t Know Jack About Much

I really don’t know jack about a lot of different things. When it comes to firearms and shooting, I only know a bit. I’m pretty new to it, but it is arguably my favorite hobby.

Really. That’s the honest truth. I’m definitely not qualified to speak authoritatively on the subject.

But it looks like you are still here – and you are still reading.

Ok, then. Let me introduce myself.

I consider myself a hobbyist shooter. Some people consider me a bit of a gun nut. And I have a blog.

So what am I doing here? Good question! I’m here to share my layman thoughts on guns, shooting, and what not. So, here is a bit more background.

Up until 5 years ago or so, I thought only bad guys and law enforcement had guns. That’s what had been drilled into me by the societal culture and political environment I was surrounded by during my teens and into my early adulthood while living in California. Then I relocated to Texas where a life long friend invited me to the range to shoot guns. I won’t lie was a bit of fear at first. But after learning the basics of firearm safety and shooting some guns, I realized I had been wrong about them for a very long time. I learned they weren’t scary or dangerous – at least not any more scary or dangerous than first learning to drive a car.

Shortly thereafter, I bought a gun, started training, and got a license to carry. Then… well the rest is history.

Today, I hunt, compete, and shoot every chance I get. That may put some people off. But you are still reading, so I guess you are curious… and that is exactly who I want to share my stories and experiences with. Which is what this site is all about – my experience (or lack there of) and thoughts about firearms.

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