Firearms Handguns Reviews

Staccato P

Take a 1911. Crossbreed it with a double stacked 9mm. Raise it and evolve it with a reliable defensive pistol pedigree. The end result is the Staccato P – a reliable 2011 for duty and defensive applications.


Holosun 507K X2

The 7K series Holosun reflex sights are a solid ultra compact pistol mountable optic option for slimline pistols and suitable concealed carry applications. If nothing else, they are at least worth considering.

Firearms Handguns Reviews

Glock G48 MOS

The Glock G48 MOS is a good reliable slimline 9mm pistol with a lot of potential to be a great conceal carry option. Some of the features leave a bit to be desired and may fall short of some folks’ expectations.