Who is Uncle Zo?

I bought my first gun well into adulthood some time in 2013, a few years after moving to Texas. Shortly thereafter, I obtained a license to carry a handgun. Bought a couple more guns. Taught my kids about them. Got a few more guns. Took some training courses. Got even more guns. Decided to try my hand at shooting sport competitions and hunting in 2019. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a nut. Truth be told, most of my favorite hobbies revolve around guns and the outdoors. I figured starting a blog would be a good way to share my passion with others as I continue on my journey down this rabbit hole.

While I don’t claim to be any sort of firearms expert, I’ve been around the block a little bit. Listed below are some of the memberships I hold and training courses I’ve attended. Anyone who thinks these are proof of any sort of credibility does so at their own risk.



Total training time: 67 hours