Cookies & Privacy Policy

For all intents and purposes, Uncle Zo doesn’t actively collect any information from website visitors. However, a visitor may perform one or more interactions where some information is required in order to conduct the interaction. Those interactions are covered in the table below.

InteractionRequired Information Optional Information
Enter a giveaway*Name, email address, date of birthSocial media account information, see note below
Sign up for email newsletterEmail addressName, date of birth
Leave a comment on a blog postEmail address, nameWebsite address
Leave feedback
or Contact Uncle Zo
Email address, name, comment

Any information provided is never shared or sold to anyone and is only visible to Uncle Zo (and folks who help him with the blog) . However, underlined items are publicly visible when your comment is published.

* Uncle Zo uses Gleam to conduct and manage giveaways and contests. The required information is the minimum information required by Gleam to participate. Individual giveaways and contests may provide an optional opportunity to generate additional entries and additional information may be collected to verify participation. The information collected in these events is used only to determine prize eligibility and contact winners. The URL to Gleam’s cookie & privacy policy is provided below.

Third Party Cookie & Privacy Policies

Uncle Zo makes use of several services from third parties to power this blog. Those third parties may use cookies and collect other information in order to provide their services. The rest of this section enumerates the third party providers Uncle Zo uses along with links to their policies.

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