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P365 XL vs G48 MOS

The G48 MOS and the P365 XL are arguably the two most sought after slimline optics-ready pistols in the concealed carry market today. That begs the question, “Which is the better option?” I’ll try to answer that question.


Mantis BlackbeardX

The Blackbeard is a game changing AR-15 dry fire device. The MantisX is a fine dry fire feedback and diagnostic aid. The BlackbeardX, Mantis’ new flagship product, is greater than the sum of the Blackbeard and the MantisX.


Primary Arms Classic Series Reflex Sights

More and more value-priced pistol-mountable red dots are being introduced to the market. As with all value priced optics, they aren’t perfect, but the real question is, “Are they good enough?” Let’s look at the new Primary Arms Classic Series red dots.