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P365 XL vs G48 MOS

The G48 MOS and the P365 XL are arguably the two most sought after slimline optics-ready pistols in the concealed carry market today. That begs the question, “Which is the better option?” I’ll try to answer that question.

Firearms Handguns Reviews

Glock G48 MOS

The Glock G48 MOS is a good reliable slimline 9mm pistol with a lot of potential to be a great conceal carry option. Some of the features leave a bit to be desired and may fall short of some folks’ expectations.

Firearms Handguns

Project Glock 48

The quest to find the perfect every day defensive carry pistol seems never ending. However, the Glock 48, after some tweaking, promises to be quite the contender. And thus, the quest continues.