Uncle Zo


Revisiting the handgun cartridge selection debate. Short version: Unless defending against wildlife, the ballistic superiority of the handgun cartridge doesn’t really matter and it still comes down to shot placement.

Bad decisions make good stories. Or so they say. Well, I’ve got one of those to share. Here is what went down with a little hog encounter during a weekend of deer hunting.

Have you considered or do you carry a .44 Magnum revolver for self defense? If so, have you considered the differences between .44 Special and .44 Magnum for self defense applications. I’ve given it some thought and here are my opinions.

The Smith & Wesson 329PD revolver is something else. It’s also a stunning extremely smooth shooting revolver with .44 Special. It’s a stunning wrist punishing beast perfect for those who hate their hands/wrists with .44 Remington Magnum.

The Ruger LCRx chambered for .22 Long Rifle is a solid revolver that is pleasant to shoot. It’s a fine instructional tool and a great option to practice the fundamentals of revolver handling.

Ever looked up when standing at the firing line of your local shooting range and noticed a nickel sized hole on the cover or ceiling above you? I’d be willing to be that hole was made with a Smith & Wesson Model S&W500.

The Colt King Cobra is an all around great revolver. It’s fun to shoot and can pack a punch for personal defense applications.

Who doesn’t love a good revolver?

“I’ll take guns with ridiculous muzzle blasts and recoil for 1000, Alex.”