‘Tis the [Deer] Season

Are you ready for deer season? I am. Or maybe I just think I am. Either way, the wait is over.

I think I may have picked up the bug after harvesting my first deer at the end of last deer season. For the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the next hunt and now the season is finally here.

Photo by Laura College on Unsplash

I’ve invested quite a bit of time (and money) into getting ready for this season. There is the new deer hunting rifle and the search for a good hunting factory load for it. I invested in a good set of binoculars. I also helped my wife experience various rifles and cartridges so we can get her outfitted as well (which she is about ready). Finally, I’ve shared my thoughts on must have, should have, and could have deer hunting gear. Hopefully some of you have found those blog post helpful.

I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about when and where to go hunting for white tail this season and I kept coming up empty handed. Too many things going on with the holidays. I don’t own property I can hunt on (something that will have to change in the future), nor do I have a deer lease (something that will hopefully change in the near future). But I got lucky, I’ve been invited to go hunt during the seasons opening weekend at the same property and with the same friends where I harvested my first deer.

I’m looking forward to the experience. All of it. The chance to be an active participant in and connect nature. The opportunity to observe wildlife and perhaps harvest a deer. The chance to restock the freezer with some nourishing and delicious deer meet. The possibility of learning more and sharing what I learn with anyone willing to listen. I’m hoping for a good season and I’m ready (or at least I think I am). Either way, the wait is over.

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