Swiss Army Knife Still Makes a Great First Pocket Knife

The Victorinox Tinker is a great inexpensive option for a first pocket knife. Small enough to not be bulky, but big enough to provide plenty of utility.

That title almost feels like this should be a “change my mind” challenge. But, it’s not. Not even close.

Daughter the youngest has been really paying close attention to various pocket knives when she’s been out shopping with me. She’s also expressed interest in shooting sports and hunting, but just isn’t quite ready for a lot of that. Truth be told, she is a great shot with a .22 LR firearm, but is just too recoil sensitive for much else. That limits her some of the things she wants to do with me. But then, who am I do deny her interests?

On a recent shopping outing, she was eyeballing several different pocket knives. Now let me tell you, she has an eye for quality and a predisposition for fancier things. That’s right, champagne taste. But this outing got me wondering, what kind of pocket knife would make a great starter knife without breaking the bank?

Enter the Swiss Army knife. Specifically, a Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army multi-tool.

Okay, I’ll admit it. This isn’t an ultra tactical tool or knife. At least not by today’s standards. Heck, I don’t even know what kind of steel the blades are made out of. Nonetheless, they are still quite a great option and tool. Moreover, they make a great first knife.

In my opinion, this particular Swiss Army knife is just the right size. It’s not so small that it can only be used as a letter opener and is easily lost. Yet, it’s not so big that it becomes noticeable or cumbersome. Just enough tools to be practical for every use. This opinion comes from my personal experience with owning a handful of small to large Swiss Army knives in my younger years… all of which I have managed to misplace.

For about $20, this knife / multi-tool delivers quite a variety of capabilities that make sense for day to day activities. This little tool is great for basic repairs, elementary cutting tasks, and run-of-the-mill camping/outdoor needs. That’s a tall order at that price range.

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