Building a Quality Survival Kit on a Budget: Part 1

Started a small project to build a quality survival kit on a budget. My first step is a container to place the contents of the kit in. Feel free to join in and build your own.

I’ve covered “kits” and “gear lists” before. This post is a first of many where I will chronicle building a quality survival kit on a budget. This idea came about after talking with a few friends and family members who agree that it’s a good idea to have one, but for whatever reason just seem to never have spare funds available to build one. After some back and forth with those folks, we came up with the following parameters for the project:

  • The kit should be self contained and small enough to be easily transported from one location to another with relative ease,
  • should have everything one needs to survive for 72 hours,
  • should contain quality items that won’t break the bank,
  • should be approachable and usable enough to use when camping or participating in other outdoor activities,
  • will be built over time with a budget of no more than $25 per month.

The last bullet point will be hard for me given my tendency to fancy expensive gear.

I’ll publish a post every month starting with this one covering what I purchased along with a link for you to pick one up. When possible, the links will be affiliate links where I may make a small commission from you using it (at no additional cost to you). But at the end of the day, the link will be to the actual item I actually purchased.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

The first item for this survival kit is a an ammo can. Specifically, the MTM ammo can (AC-11). These are big enough to stuff full of stuff and are pretty sturdy. I’ve actually owned several for these in the past and they are great for storage and can take quite a beating.

This seems to me like a good starting point. It’s a good container to keep all the contents in a self contained package that is small enough to hide away in the corner of a trunk or a shelf. It’s also a container that is easy enough to grab and go. The contents can always be dropped into a backpack or another bag while doubling as a container for water collection.

So there you go. This is my starting point for building a quality survival kit on a budget. If you are wondering how this relates to firearms and shooting sports that I typically blog about, then you may be disappointed to learn that it really doesn’t. Other than it will likely be kit that will found in my vehicle when I’m out hunting or at a shooting range or camping or something similar. Besides with all the COVID-19 chatter on social and traditional media, it seemed like a timely topic that may help those who are showing a recent interest in preparedness build a little resilience against a small personal emergency.

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