Zombie Apocalypse Weapons

If you had to go on the run during the zombie apocalypse with only one melee weapon, one blade, one pistol, and one rifle what would they be?

A fun little question came up in a YouTube recently. The question was: If you had to go on the run during the zombie apocalypse with only one melee weapon, one blade, one pistol, and one rifle what would they be?

There are a few video responses to this question already (embedded below) which I’ve watched and therefore may influence my choices. But I’m going to take a stab at it anyway. Also, I’m going to limit my choices to weapons I have readily available at my disposal.

Melee Weapon

I’m going to be honest. I don’t have much available to me in this department.

Thinking about it right now, I’d probably grab a hatchet or small axe of sorts. This would double as a melee weapon and provide some utility out in the wild. With that in mind, my preference would be something like a Gränsfors Burk Outdoor Axe.

But I don’t have one. So I will have to settle for an Esee Expat Libertariat Machete.

This is smaller machete is light enough to lug around with minimal effort and provides quite a bit of utility. Not to mention it will do a number on a zombie. And it’s what I have available. So that’s what I’m going with.


This one is easy. Lord knows I’m a bit of a blade boy.

Like the melee weapon, I’m going to pick something that provides me with a lot of utility, is easy to service, and can still do a number on a zombie.

With that in mind, I’m my decision is between a Ka-bar BK2 or an Esee 6. Again if I could opt for something that isn’t readily available to me, I would probably opt for an Esee 5. It seems to offer some additional survival knife qualities over the other choices. But again, I don’t have one.

Honestly though, the Esee 6 feels a better in my hand, has a better sheath, and I happen to have more sheath attachment options than the Ka-bar. So that’s what I’m going to go with.


I’m not going to spend much time here on this… my EDC is already on my hip and that’s not going to change for the zombie apocalypse. Enough said.


Here is the thing, if SHTF happens I’m grabbing an AR-style rifle. I’m good with either the AR-10 or the AR-15. Both can be used for hunting and both can be used to mow down a herd of zombies.

My gut says the AR-15 is the better option. This is because one can carry more AR-15 ammo given the same weight or space constraints. Sure, one can reach out farther with the AR-10 and take down larger targets. But if I’m on the run, I’d rather opt for more ammo, capacity, and faster follow up shots.

Other Responses

So there you have it, those are the weapons I’d got on the run during a zombie apocalypse with. What would you pick?

Need inspiration? Here are the video responses I mentioned:

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