Field Notes: Wheeler Multi-Driver Tool Pen

Looking for a quality small and light portable bit driver set? Might want to check out the Wheeler Multi-Driver Tool Pen.

It’s a blessing to have friends and family that support one’s hobbies and interests. Especially when those folks go out of their way to find gifts I might find useful as I pursue those interests. While that appreciated behavior sometimes yields random useless knick knacks, it sometimes yields a gem I wasn’t aware of. This is the case with the Wheeler Multi-Driver Tool Pen which I received as a gift last year.

While I take great pains to ensure every screw and bit on a firearm its mounted accessories are torqued to specifications and apply a thread locking compound where appropriate, there are times when I’m out in the field and something comes loose. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does it can ruin the event. For this reason, I tend to include the tools necessary to perform maintenance in the field in both my training and deer hunting load outs.

However, tools add a lot of bulk and a lot of weight. As such, I’m always looking for ways to reduce weight and save space. The Wheeler Multi-Driver Tool Pen is one of those tools that excels in both weight and space savings.

The driver and bits seem to be well made. The aluminum handle is sturdy and light. The bits included are just the right size for tightening down everything from the small Torx screws on the RMR to the larger action screws and everything in between. Pair this multi-driver tool pen with the right Leatherman and field cleaning kit and pretty much every field maintenance task is covered.

As with everything, there is a trade off between this and a typical driver bit set. The less bulk and weight of the tool pen comes at the cost of speed. It can take a bit of time to cycle through the bits (contained and stacked within the pen) to get to the right size bit. However, that’s a trade I’m willing to make.

Is there a better multi-driver tool pen available in the market? Maybe. But at the price point of this tool and how well it’s served me, I’m not going to worry about it.

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