Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight

My review of the Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight. In short, it's a small and lightweight red dot optic that is a fantastic choice for duty or home defense carbines. Especially so, when combined with night vision devices.

When talking about red dot sights, I often mention that as much as I think the Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Reflex Sight is a great optic I still think there are better red dot optic options for carbines and rifles. The natural question that follows at that point in the conversation is what red dot optics do I consider to be better options for carbines and rifles? One answer to that query is the Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight.

The Micro T-2 is part of Aimpoint Micro series of red dot reflex optics. The T-2 is marketed as the battle proven red dot of the series that stands apart from the others in the series due to its compatibility with night vision devices (NVD) and a few other features and specifications that will be covered in this review. That said folks might also consider looking into the H-2 series which forgoes the NVD brightness settings and is marketed for hunting and competitive applications. Lastly, I’ll mention the S-1 which was designed specifically for use with shotguns. The H-2 and the S-1 will not be covered any further in this review.

The T-2 is offered in four different variations which are all the exact same red dot sight with a different mounting option. The mounting options are:

  • No mount,
  • standard mount (attaches to MIL-STD-1913, a.k.a. Picatinny, rails),
  • B&T lever release mount and 30mm scope ring (also interfaces with Picatinny rails),
  • and AR-15 ready version which includes an LRP mount & spacer.

This review will focus on the AR-15 ready version with the LRP mount & spacer.

The optic is an enclosed reflex sight. This means the electronics are completely enclosed within hard-anodized aluminum alloy housing and the recessed front and rear lenses that provide an 18mm parallax free aperture with no magnification. The lenses have great clarity and have been coated internally with reflective coatings designed to improve the visibility of the 2 MOA (minute of angle) red dot and anti-reflex coating externally to improve NVD compatibility while reducing optical signature. That’s a fancy way of saying the optic is clear, the red dot is easy to see, and it’s designed to be rugged and durable.

The sight includes front and rear protective flip-up lens covers. The front cover is solid black, but the rear is transparent. This allows the dot to be used in emergency situations without having to uncover the lenses thanks to the power of binocular vision when the sight is used with both eyes open. There really isn’t much more to say about the lenses. They stay closed, but are easy to open. There is a tactile snap that provides confirmation when the covers are closed.

The brightness intensity dial is the large round dial found on the right hand side of the optic. The size and texture around the dial make it easy to grab and adjust even when wearing gloves. The dial provides 12 different brightness settings and an off position. The first position is the off position. That is followed by four night vision compatible settings which are followed by 8 daylight settings. The dial provides silent tactile confirmation as each setting position is reached. The brightness intensity dial also houses the CR2032 battery which can last for over 5 years of constant operation with an intensity setting of 8 or less.

The elevation and windage adjustment turrets are found on the top and right side of the optic respectively just in front of the rear lens. Both turrets are covered by protective caps which, much like capped turrets on rifle scopes, prevent unintentional adjustments after the zero has been set. The turrets provide 1/2 MOA adjustments per click.

The AR-15 ready variant includes an LRP mount and spacer. LRP stands for “lever release picatinny”. In other words it’s a quick release mount that is controlled by a single lever. It works well. The included spacer is designed to raise the optical axis to 39mm (or 1.54″). This height allows the T-2 to co-witness with traditional iron sights.

As I mentioned, the T-2 is marketed as a battle proven optic. With that in mind, let me highlight some of the pertinent specifications one in the market for a battle proven optic might be concerned with. The operating temperature range for this optic is from -49ºF to 160ºF. The sight is also submersible to 80 feet (25 meters). The sight is fairly light weight at 3oz (84g), but that doesn’t include the weight of the spacer and mount.

Functionally, this optic has been amazing. It’s small and light. The dot is very easy to pick up and use.

I started off this review by mentioning I think this red dot is a better option for a rifle than the Trijicon RMR. So I’ll start closing this review out with a little explanation about that opinion. I personally like the additional protection provided by enclosed red dot design in addition to the capped turrets and protective lens caps. These are things that I look for in a rifle scope as these rifles tend to get banged around a lot more than a carry pistol as they are transported and used in the field. I also personally like finer grained elevation and windage adjustments on a rifle because a rifle tends to be used to engage targets at longer distances than pistols. In comparing the T-2 to the RMR, all of these things are present. That’s not to say the RMR isn’t rugged or that it’s an inferior optic, I just hold the opinion that I think the RMR is better suited for use with pistols whereas the T-2 is better suited for use with a carbine. Both are very rugged and high quality optics.

With all that said, I personally believe the Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight is an excellent choice for a duty or home defense carbine. It might be a bit much for competitive, hunting, or recreational applications unless those applications include the use of NVDs.

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