Nobody Bandz

Nobody Bandz are an affordable, high-quality, surprisingly simple sling management solution. Sure there are other solutions out there, but these bands are worth a look.

Every now and then I meet somebody who is producing an extremely high quality product that is viable for one or more applications, but has not quite hit mainstream like I think it should have before I hear about it. This time around I’m talking about the Nobody Bandz manufactured by Nobody Designs. Now I’m not an expert in any sense of the word, but yet I’ve found this product to be nothing short of stellar.

What exactly is a Nobody Bandz? In short, it’s two small pieces of nylon stitched together with a bit of elastic and some Velcro. That might not sound impressive at all when it’s put that way, but the question that should be asked is: what is this product good for? Sling management and this band does sling management exceptionally well.

Sling management is a fancy term for keeping the sling out of the way when it’s not in use. Good sling management not only keeps the sling out of the way when not in use, but it also allows the sling to be deployed quickly when it is needed. There are several different ways and materials that are used to improvise a sling management consisting of everything from jump cord, hook and loop, paracord, and even a bicycle tire inner tube. Additionally, there are several rifle sling “keepers” and “bands” available in the marketplace. Some of these improvised contraptions and products work well. Others don’t. The Nobody Bandz is not only a product that works well, but it works well for various combinations of rifles and sling configurations which is something I can’t recall seeing before.

Full disclosure time. I am not affiliated with Nobody Designs in any way shape or form. I have personally paid full price for every Nobody Designs product. If there is any bias in this review, it comes from having known the owner of Nobody Designs for a couple of years. He’s a good dude and I know he puts all of his pride into every single product produced which he personally makes by hand. I also know he spends a lot of time sourcing the high quality materials used to produce these products.

The bands are very simple to use. Just fold the sling in your preferred manner, wrap the band around the sling and the rifle, and secure it tightly using the hook and loop on the band. Depending on the manner the sling was folded, it may be deployed without touching the band. Otherwise, it can be deployed by pulling the hook and loop apart. The latter approach may benefit from using on the of the “tabbed” bands which can aid in pulling the hook and loop apart.

I’ve also found these bands useful for securing and managing various types of cordage, including electrical cords. They’re a tad too big for fine grained cable management, but can certainly work in a pinch. Probably goes without saying, but there are more frugal alternatives for these types of applications.

The bands are available in several different colors and patterns. They are also available with or without tabs and in a slim profile. Prices range from $10-$15 each.

As I’ve said, I’ve found these to be exceptionally well made and highly functional when it comes to a sling management solution. As such, I can’t think of a reason not to have one of these Nobody Bandz on every rifle with a sling.

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