Uncle Zo


My love affair with the VP9 continues. Changing things up with a little RMR action has only made things a little spicier. I am looking forward to future dates at the range and at competitions with it.

Runs like a champ. Makes longer shots remarkably easier. Will require some work to consistently find the dot in the window after presentation. Great pistol and carry optic option.

A dab of elbow grease and a touch of finesse is what it took to get the RMR installed on the VP9. I’m excited and can’t wait to get it out to the range.

Just when you think you have everything you need to assemble an upgrade or a customization is exactly when things don’t go as planned.

While I still maintain a personal preference for the look and feel of metal framed guns over the polymer ones, I can’t deny I’m extremely satisfied with the VP9’s overall performance.

This last IDPA match felt like a really bad match. However, the final score compared to past performance indicates it was above average. Either way, this calls for more practice and training.

My EDC evolved again. While this was a welcome change, the only thing I am certain of is that isn’t my EDC’s final form.

Sometimes it’s okay to not over analyze a match and just shoot it for fun… and I did exactly that this last match. It was exactly what I needed – a little fun at the range!

First IDPA match of 2020 was also the first match with the VP9. Some things about this match were good. Some were bad. In the end, it was one of my better matches to date.

While it’s a bit on the expensive size for duty-sized polymer-framed striker-fired pistol, the HK VP9 is a great option for home defense or everyday carry.