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Sailing Past 10K Rounds with the VP9 and the Trijicon RMR

The VP9 has seen 10,000 rounds over two and a half years without any significant issues or wear. Color me impressed.

Ten thousand rounds. To a relatively small segment of the community, that’s not a huge number. To the rest of us, that’s pretty significant. Especially when talking about that many rounds going through a single gun as is the case with the VP9. 

The whole ordeal took roughly two and a half years. I suspect that time frame would have been considerably compressed if I was using the VP9 exclusively for carry, training, and competition. However, that was not the case even though the VP9 continues to be a staple for me as my everyday carry defensive pistol. As such, it does get the largest share of training time and IDPA competition time. 

There really isn’t much more for me to say about the VP9 or the Trijicon RMR for that matter. Neither has let me down. They both continue to perform virtually flawlessly. In my opinion, the wear is minimal and appears to be entirely superficial. Lots of shiny spots. Some are shinier than others. I keep waiting for something to break, but the combination just keeps going. 

The only wear that has caught my attention recently is the wear on the extractor. There is a particular mark that strikes me as odd. I have a feeling that it may be a sign of a future crack, but it may very well be my untrained eyes playing tricks on me. This is the first gun that’s reached this milestone and I’m a little bit out of my element when it comes to reading wear marks on a VP9. For all I know I might as well be reading tea leaves. 

Regardless, here are a bunch of pictures highlighting the visible wear. 

And for those of you who have missed parts of the journey here are links to the previous reviews:

I have no intention of retiring the VP9 any time in the future. The next update will be either a post regarding an unexpected breakage or when it doubles its current round count. 

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