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Stop the Bleed

Here is my brief after action report on the Stop the Bleed course I recently attended. I urge everyone to look for and attend a course like this to start developing some basic, but critically important, first aid skills.

Combative Pistol

Here is my rather lengthly after action report of the Combative Pistol course I recently attended. This class is a must for anyone who owns a gun for self defense. It will level you up and change the way you think about self defense.

Train How You Fight

Training how you fight is an idea I really like and can get behind. However, it’s not possible to always put it into practice during live fire at range sessions, training classes or competitive events.

To Train or Not to Train?

With all the growth in gun ownership in the first half of 2020, I’ve seen several people encourage new gun owners to get professional training while others suggest it’s not necessary. I’m all for getting some training, the post explains why.

Training Load Out

Making the most of a firearms training course isn’t rocket science. Just make sure to bring the required equipment. If possible, add a few extras to maximize comfort and avoid circumstances that could prevent the successful completion of the course.