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Bye-bye XD-S

I've decided to let go of my first firearm. It's bitter sweet as it's made a great everyday carry gun, but truth be told - I don't enjoy shooting it anymore. Alas, all good things come to an end.

The Springfield XD-S was my first handgun. Heck, it was my first firearm. But I am going to bid it goodbye.

The XD-S and related gear for every day carry

When I first got into firearms, I was only interested in self defense. That interest has expanded now. But at that time, I wanted to get my carry permit and get something I could protect myself and family with. The XD-S fit the bill.

There was a bit of bravado in my purchase. I wanted a handgun chambered .45 ACP as I was dead set on hard hitting stopping power – and I was certain I could handle it. The Springfield XD-S chambered in .45 ACP (now out of production) fit the bill. It was small and packed a punch.

Frankly, it’s been great carry gun. I carried it for years. But, as I learned more about firearms and realized 9mm was easier to shoot, I could carry more rounds in a smaller form factor, and it still had plenty of stopping power… well, I stopped carrying the XD-S. In reality, the XD-S in .45 ACP (while it’s a great carry gun) it’s not a fun range gun and there are plenty of other options in 9mm. As a result, I moved on (my current EDC is the Sig Sauer P365 in 9mm). The XD-S just collects dust now. I haven’t carried it or shot it in over a year. While it has some sentimental value as my first gun, it’s just taking up space and it’s got some value that I can apply to another firearm.

So it’s time to let it go.

I’m still on the fence as to whether I will use an online service (like or sell it on consignment at a local gun store. Honestly, I could use some advice as to the best avenue to get the most bang for my buck while allowing another person to benefit from this nice little carry piece.

If you’ve got some advice for me, then by all means let me have it (by commenting below).


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