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Workbench Review: Springfield Armory XD-S (.45 ACP)

The Springfield Armory XD-S is a reliable single stack micro pistol that is easy to conceal and carry. However, I find it to be difficult to comfortably shoot well in .45 ACP.

Last week, I recorded a little workbench review on the Desert Eagle Mark XIX (.44 Remington Magnum) and I decided to do another one. In this workbench review, we take a look at the Springfield Armory XD-S chambered in .45 ACP – which was my very first firearm and also my everyday carry weapon for quite some time (although I am now in the process of selling it).

Uncle Zo’s Workbench Review: Springfield Armory XD-S (.45 ACP)

As one can probably tell from the video, I tend to prefer larger double stack pistols for concealed carry. However, smaller single stack micro pistols and pocket pistols do have a place for self-defense and concealed carry. Sometimes, it’s just not practical to carry a full-sized pistol and some folks find larger handguns to be too bulky or heavy to carry all day – and that is okay. Better to carry a single stack subcompact or micro-compact pocket pistol than to not carry one at all if one finds themselves in a situation where the use of one is necessary. I just recommend that you spend time training with your carry weapons in order to be proficient with their use in stressful situations. Refer to my blog post on selecting a firearm for concealed carry for more information.

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