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IDPA Report May 2019

First match in May and my fifth overall was not what I was hoping for. It was a smaller turnout and I came in dead last place in the standard service pistol (SSP) division. Overall it wasn’t my worst performance in terms of overall time which was 218.42. I can also confidently say it was attributed to two malfunctions I experienced – a double feed on one stage and failure to fire on another. Not really sure what happened on those, it could have been the gun (Sig Sauer P229 Legion), the ammo (American Eagle 9mm 115gr FMJ), or just me. I’m leaning towards the malfunctions being shooter induced as it the gun and ammo has run flawlessly in the past couple of matches. In any case, enjoy the video I’ve put together below.

I attended a second match in May which had a better result. Still wasn’t a great performance, but I managed to not come in dead last. I was 15th out of 17 in the SSP division. Overall time was actually worse than the previous match this month, but a few of the stages were more involved. As far as gear went, I kept the same set up (same Sig Sauer P229 Legion fueled by 115gr 9mm American Eagle FMJ ammo) and experienced no malfunctions. At this point, I’m chalking up the previous match malfunctions to user error. Definitely have a lot to work on, but I still feel like I am improving.

Next matches I will participate will be in June. In the meantime, I plan to increase my dry practice as I haven’t kept up with it as well as I would like to. I will also get a hog hunt in between now and my next match. Stay tuned for more updates.


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