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IDPA Report June 2019

Shot two more IDPA matches this month. Both matches took place at the Austin Rifle Club and were hosted by Texas Tactical. It was uneventful in terms of how the Sig Sauer P229 ran, which is good given the malfunctions I most likely induced last month.

The first match this month was held on Father’s Day and it was glorious! Not only did I achieve my best score since I started shooting IDPA matches, but I also got to shoot it with my son. That meant a lot because it was my son’s first IDPA match and I’m glad I got to share that experience with him. The match had a small turn out – most likely due to shooters opting to celebrate Father’s Day elsewhere. Overall, I came in next to last place in my class and division. However, my score of 151.74 was a vast improvement over my prior best score of 179.81.

The second match yielded a score of 198.95 which was just north versus my current average of 198.12. Stage 1 was horrible. It consisted of a drill that married the El Presidente drill and the Mozambique drill at 10 yards and I ended up missing most of the head shots. I also made a number of errors on Stage 2. My performance on the remaining stages was consistent with my current skill level.

Overall, I’d call it a good month. I’m gaining confidence and getting familiar with my abilities and limitations. At ranges of up to 5 yards, I can shoot quickly while confidently punching holes in 0 point deduction zones. From 5-10 yards, I have to slow down a bit and carefully place my shots to avoid point deductions. At 10 yards or more, I have to slow down significantly and focus on precision. I believe additional work to improve and refine my grip and trigger control is what I need to keep improving. So that is what I will focus on between now and upcoming July matches.

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