[DofW] Lake City 5.56×45 62 gr FMJ XM855 (1000 Rounds)

This week it is 1000 rounds of 5.56×45 62 gr FMJ XM855 manufactured by Lake City sold by Lucky Gunner. Normally, this item is sold for $320 plus shipping and handling. Right now, there is a special price tag of $305 and is eligible for a $50 Federal rebate (good until 9/30/2019) which brings the cost per round down to 25.5¢ after the rebate.

The XM855 is the famous and hard to find mil-spec steel core “green tip” penetrator ammo you have head about. Lake City (aka Federal) loads these to NATO specs in reloadable brass cases and is perfect for your AR-15.

Be warned that some shooting ranges will not allow the use of the “green tip” steel core ammo.

However, I know plenty of “prepper” folks who believe it’s not a bad idea to have some of this ammo just in case there is every a SHTF scenario.

I’ve yet to come across a bad review of this ammo and it runs great in every AR-15 I’ve personally ran it through.

So while it’s ammo that isn’t usable at every range, nor usable for competition, and probably wouldn’t be optimal for hunting scenarios, I still like to keep some of it around. If it sounds like something you’d like to have on hand, head over to Lucky Gunner and pick up a one or several thousand rounds of these Lake City 5.56×45 62 gr FMJ XM855 rounds while they are on special pricing and have a rebate available.

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