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Sig Sauer P229 Legion Compact Free Gear

It’s no secret. I love the Sig Sauer P229 Legion.

I picked mine up back in March this year (2019) after drooling over Sig’s Legion series pistols since they were announced. I remember how excited I was. The very same day I picked it up, I registered it with Sig Sauer in order to join their Legion program which I was also excited about and to get my complimentary Thermo-mold carrying case and challenge coin. A few days later I got an email letting me know an order was placed for the case and coin. Cool.

While I waited for the case and coin, I started shooting the P229 in local IDPA competitions. After 500 rounds, it became my primary choice for every day carry.

It wasn’t until the later half of June (about 90 days after registering for the Legion program), that I received an other email letting me know the case and coin had shipped and a few more days later it arrived.

I did call Sig Sauer and inquired about the time frame between purchasing and registering a Legion firearm and receiving the complimentary case and was informed this was atypical and was due to a supply chain issue with the cases. Ok. I suspect as that was a canned answer since I was still waiting on the case and coin for the P220 I purchased to ship, but I’ll leave those details for another post.

Let’s get back to the complimentary P229 Legion gear.

Sig Sauer P229 Legion Themo-mold Case

The case itself seems like pretty good quality. It’s not a hard case, but it’s much stiffer than a soft case. It’s somewhere in between. The foam is precision cut and provides a place for gun with a magazine inserted, cuts for three additional magazines, and a place for the challenge coin. Well, two cut outs seem specific for extra magazines, the third cut out under the cut out for the gun seems like it was intended for something else, but only the designer knows what.

To be honest, I really haven’t used the case. It sits on a shelf in a closet along with several other hand gun cases collecting dust. I’m not even sure the case would meet TSA requirements for flying with it. It’s definitely nicer than the generic plastic Sig Sauer case that is provided with the new firearm, but I haven’t found a practical use for it. I suppose it could work for transporting the P229 to and from the range (or competitions) if one was concerned about it getting scratched in a general purpose range bag or other case, but most of those bags and cases offer adequate protection against that.

The challenge coin is kind of cool. It does make my inner Sig Sauer fan boy smile. Perhaps if I expand my collection of Legion series pistols, I may end up getting a shadow box to hold my challenge coins for display up on a wall.

All in all, the case and coin appear to be good quality and provide a little nostalgia to the who Legion firearm thing. However, I wouldn’t recommend that somebody makes a decision to buy a Legion firearm based on the free gear. However, I do often recommend the P229 Legion to folks who are looking for DA/SA 9mm all metal gun. Mine runs great, looks great, cleans up nice, and I trust it day in and day out.

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