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Sig Sauer P220 10mm Legion Full-Size Free Gear

Just like the Sig Sauer P229 Legion, I also love the P220 10mm Legion.

I picked mine up back in April this year (2019) about a month after I picked up the P229. This was an impulse buy as I was still newly excited about the P229 Legion and I had been toying with the idea about picking up a handgun in 10mm. Just like I did with the P229, I registered it with Sig Sauer the same day I brought it home in order to get my complimentary Thermo-mold carrying case and challenge coin. Again just like the experience with the P229, a few days later I got an email letting me know the order for the case and coin was being processed.

While I waited for the case and coin, I took the P220 to the range to get in my first shots. I also carried it as my side arm during a hog hunt that turned out to be an Axis hunt. It didn’t see any action during the hunt, but it did become a conversation piece.

It wasn’t until Sept (about 135 days after registering for the Legion program), that I received an other email letting me know the case and coin had shipped and a few more days later it arrived.

I called Sig Sauer again and inquired about the time frame between purchasing and registering a Legion firearm and receiving the complimentary case. They didn’t know that I had a similar experience with the case and coin for the P229. It was no surprise to me when I was informed this was atypical and was due to a supply chain issue with the cases again. Ok. I expect to have a similar experience with all future Legion series firearms I add to my collection. But it’s not a big deal to me since I don’t buy Legion series firearms for the Legion perks and free gear.

Let’s get back to the complimentary P220 Legion gear.

First things first, the case isn’t a Thermo-mold case. But that didn’t disappoint me as it was 5.11 Tactical soft case. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by this. I like 5.11 gear. It’s well made and very practical. I actually expect this case will get some use unlike the P229 Thermo-mold case.

The case has a protective sleeve to hold the firearm and can securely hold up to six magazines in the provided elastic bands. It also has an additional zippered compartment that can be used to hold whatever. I suspect the zippered compartment was designed to carry the manuals, but I can’t image anyone using the compartment for that. Right now I’m using that compartment to hold the challenge coin which the case doesn’t provide a dedicated location for. The outside of the case has a spot for a morale patch where the legion logo is cut into. I like the 5.11 case quite a bit more than the Thermo-mold case. The other benefit about this case is that it can be used to carry just about any full-size or smaller semi-automatic pistol along with it’s magazines. Pretty cool in my opinion.

I still think the challenge coin is kind of cool. I still don’t have enough to warrant a shadow box to display them in, but I don’t expect this to be my last Legion series firearm.

Again, the case and coin are pretty cool, but nothing to write home about. Like the P229, I really dig the P220. I still think the Legion series firearms are great looking, practical, and quality firearms. Like all firearms, they need to be put through their paces and I’ve had a positive experience with Sig Sauer customer service when I’ve needed to reach out to them.

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