First Impressions: 5.11 Multicam TDU Pants

Since I've started reviewing the gear I use for hunting I figured I'd tell y'all about the pants I wear when I hunt. Now hunting wear is something I know very little about so read this review of the 5.11 Multicam TDU pants at your own peril.

Continuing with the gear reviews from my deer hunting load out is a review of the 5.11 Multicam TDU Pant. These are currently the cargo pants that I use for deer hunting. Full disclosure, I’m still a fledgling hunter. As such, I don’t know enough about hunting wear and camouflage patterns to evaluate whether or not these pants are good or bad for hunting, but that’s never stopped me from sharing my opinions in these reviews and it’s not going to stop me now.

So why these pants? Mostly because I like 5.11 cargo pants (and shorts) and wear them often. They are comfortable, have large pockets, and have been very durable. Given my positive experience with 5.11 pants, it seemed like a good place to start since some of their pants are available in multicam.

Why multicam? Well that’s simple. It’s basically the only camouflage pattern available in 5.11’s cargo pant line up.

Again, I can’t really say if these are good or bad hunting pants. I also can’t say whether or not these pants are good for any other applications. What I can say is that I have found them comfortable and durable.

I also really like the deep pockets as I’m able to keep all of the things I like to keep on my person at all times. When out hunting, I tend to place a flashlight and lighter in the left front pocket. The right front pocket holds my folding knife and identification. The left cargo pocket holds a personal trauma kit. The right cargo pocket gets a Cliff bar. Sometimes I’ll place the hunting license in one of the back pockets. There is plenty of room for more stuff.

The belt loops are wide and tall. I generally use a 1.5″ thick leather gun belt with them, but there is enough space to easily accommodate a 1.75″ belt and probably even a 2″ belt. The loops are in all the right places to avoid interference with where I like to wear my holstered sidearm and magazine pouches. Seems like the loops were really well thought out.

Overall, I like the pants and will keep using them for hunting until I find something better.

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