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GX VICE Holster

While a highly specialized holster isn’t necessary for competing in USPSA nor will it auto-magically improve one’s results, it sure can help one look the part. The GX VICE is one of those and it is superbly functional.

Some of y’all have noticed that I’ve been shooting a fair amount of IDPA and USPSA matches over the past year and change. In that course of time, I’ve noticed some common gun and gear patterns used among the top shooters who consistently dominate the matches. Granted, a lot of the items are highly specialized for the type of match and even more specifically for specific divisions, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting my hands on some of the items and trying them for myself. An example of one such item is the GX VICE holster from GX Products.

The GX VICE holster is specifically designed for use in USPSA in divisions where a “race holster” is not allowed. While the holster is full Kydex like many high quality custom holsters are, this holster is unique because it offers a patent pending clamp lock retention adjustment mechanism. That mechanism allows the shooter to significantly reduce the passive retention as they make ready for a stage by releasing the clamp lock which allows for a virtually effortless draw or significantly increase the passive retention by engaging the clamp lock which makes the pistol virtually impossible to draw. This is a pretty slick feature as it lets one walk stages or run the timer with a very well secured pistol while also allowing one to have a fast smooth stage start. Unfortunately, this feature makes the holster a no go for IDPA competitions regardless of division.

The holster itself is solid. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the fit and finish of the dual layer Kydex shell that I found to be exceptionally well molded to the gun it is specified for. At least for the two guns I’ve tried so far.

Support for guns is quite good in terms of the selection found when limited to the context of guns typically used in USPSA Carry Optics, Production, Single Stack, and Limited divisions. If we expand the context beyond those divisions, then I’d say the selection is a little limited as one won’t find many of today’s popular concealed carry guns such as the Sig P365, the Glock 48, or my personal favorite, the H&K VP9. I don’t think it is a bad thing since folks who are likely looking to get their hands on a specialized USPSA competition holster will likely also be looking to get their hands on one of the pistols used by match winners. 

A few of my match buddies often like to poke fun at my proclivity for loud colors on my competition gear and I’m happy to say that the color options for these holsters did not disappoint. There are several color and texture combinations to choose from for the outer layer. Custom outer layer prints are also available. The inner layer color is also customizable in addition to the anodized aluminum accent washers.

Each holster comes with pre-drilled mounting holes that support today’s popular belt attachments including, but not limited to, Blade-Tech mounts, Comp-Tac PLM, Safariland QLS, and the BOSS DOH Holster Hanger which can be ordered along with the custom holster. 

The only real drawback I can see to this holster beyond its limited USPSA match application is the wicked long lead time. GX Products is currently a one man show run by Lafe Kunkel who is an avid USPSA competitor and his holsters are in high demand. The lead times are prominently placed on the web site and an acknowledgement of the lead time is required with each other. Waiting three or four months for a holster is par for the course as of writing this post.

The GX VICE holster is a fantastic USPSA holster. I’d say it’s well worth the cost and the wait. However, I would only suggest it to those who are avid USPSA competitors. 

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