Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Like Guns

I’ve put together a little list of gift ideas for those of you who happen to have a father who is into guns. Perhaps, I’ll be lucky enough to get a gift or two from this list on Fathers Day.

Werewolf Ammo

Seriously. Real live pure silver bullets. Anyone who knows anything about werewolves knows pure silver bullets is the ultimate defense against them.

A single bullet will cost somewhere around $65.00 and they are available in a handful of calibers. The also come in pretty neat packaging that allows them to be displayed. They would also look pretty cool in a shadow box so they can be displayed on a wall.


A gun guy can never have enough ammunition. However, most gun people that I know are partial to certain brands and are only interested in cartridges they own firearms for. So if you are thinking about going this route, take a minute to ask that gun person in your life about the firearms they own and what cartridges those firearms use. Also ask about the ammo they like in those firearms. I suggest using a hidden voice recorder as you will get a lot of very specific information like projectile type and weight. A smart phone will do the trick, just set it to record and put it in your pocket.

Once you have that info you can head over to a local gun or sporting goods store and look for it. If you have a hard time finding the specific ammunition or getting to a local store, give an online retailer a try. I get quite a bit of ammo from Lucky Gunner, but there are plenty of them out there.

Be sure to also check your local laws as a few states regulate ammunition purchases.

Prices for ammo vary quite a bit depending on cartridge and quantity. However, one can find a box of ammo for about $20 and up.


Apparel is always a good option. In many ways, apparel is like ammunition. It’s something one can never really have too much of. Also like ammunition, one should take a minute to find out what type of apparel the gun dad in your life is partial towards.

Generally speaking one can’t go wrong with general range wear such as cargo pants/shorts, t-shirts, or hats. However, hunting apparel is a bit more challenging as hunters tend to have a preference for specific camouflage patterns.

Here are some of ideas of general range apparel I think gun dads would like:

Just be sure to do the homework when opting to go this route.

Gun Storage Accessories

Safes and cabinets can get expensive quickly. They are also large and dimensions will dictate where they can be placed. So I generally don’t think they are a good idea as gifts. However, handgun racks, rifle rods, and ammo boxes to help organize guns, ammo, and gear can make great gifts that won’t break the bank.

Here are some places to get ideas of what’s out there:

As with ammo and apparel, a little bit of homework is needed to see which accessories make sense. Getting rifle rods for a gun dad who is mostly into handguns is certainly less than ideal.

Coffee with a gun twist

I suppose there are some gun guys out there that aren’t coffee drinkers, I just don’t happen to know any. This option is great if it seems the gun dad seems to have everything under the sun. It’s also a safe option.

A little Black Rifle Coffee (or a subscription) will do the trick every time. Optionally, throw in a gun themed coffee mug for extra bonus points.

Time with Dad

Even all the ideas listed above are things I would personally enjoy and appreciate, there is nothing I would enjoy more than spending some time with loved ones.

Maybe consider taking Dad to the range?

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