Birthday Gift Ideas for the Gun Guy (or Lady) in Your Life

This really just my birthday wish list. But maybe it will help someone else find the perfect gift for someone they care about.

It’s that time of year when my kids and wife start asking me what I want for my birthday. It’s a nice feeling to know they still think of me, or maybe they just feel obligated. Either way, I’ll take it.

Personally, I think it’s pretty easy to shop for a person who is into guns regardless of the occasion. Generally speaking, with a little leg work one can easily learn what gun related activities they are into and what kind of guns they have a current interest. And that leg work consists of asking what gun related activities they have been doing lately and most firearm enthusiasts will spill their guts. The trick will be to get them to shut up once you’ve gathered enough information.

Most of us (the gun types) will have a preference towards self defense, hunting, collecting, or competitive shooting. But depending on the season and time of year the focus towards those activities will shift. For example, right now I’ve placed a lot of focus on hunting as deer season is around the corner and will have started by the time my birthday rolls around. So if some one was to ask me about recent firearm activities I would start talking all about it. When, where, and what I’m planning to hunt next. What rifle I will be using. All about the ammunition and gear. And most likely, what I’m missing or thinking about picking up or doing to be ready for the season.

With that information, one could then go look at any gift idea’s for a gun person article or blog post, like the ideas I shared for Father’s Day, and find something. However, know that most gun type people may have very strong opinions about gear and ammunition so make sure to pay attention to the details offered up when doing the reconnaissance.

With that said, let’s look at some of the things I’ve currently got my eye on (in no particular order).


There is no shortage of gadgets available for use at the shooting range like a chronograph. This past year I ventured into a few new shooting activities, specifically hunting and long distance target shooting, that have been giving me an itch to get a chronograph.

Given the variety of shooting activities, firearms, and cartridges that I’m into, I’ve got my eye on a Labradar Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar. It’s definitely on the pricey side, but it’s got all the bells and whistles to cover all of the different activities and firearms that I participate in.

Another option at about two thirds of the cost would be, a MagnetoSpeed Barrel-Mounted Ballistics Chronograph. It’s much more portable than traditional chronographs or the doppler radar I mentioned above, but it’s barrel-mounted design limits its application to rifles (and maybe handguns with longer barrels and with out a reciprocating slide). I’d still be happy with it as I’m much more interested in measuring muzzle velocities from my rifles than I am my handguns, but for some one like who also does quite a bit of handgun shooting a traditional chronograph or the doppler radar would be a better option.

A traditional chronograph is still a great option and is a much more budget friendly option. However, it does present challenges when setting it up and using at busy shooting ranges. Also, some ranges won’t allow them.

Ammo, Ammo, and More Ammo

Or reloading supplies.

I’ve yet to meet a gun owner who has too much or enough ammo. A word of caution, I’ve also never met a gun owner who doesn’t have a strong opinion about their ammo choices. When researching, pay attention to the brand, bullet type, bullet weight, case type, and most importantly the cartridge (or caliber).

The nice thing about going the ammo route is that one can generally find something that will fit any budget. Literally. A single box of .22 Long Rifle ammo can go for as little as $2.99 ($0.075 per round). However, it can also get expensive quickly. Take for instance a single box of .338 Lapua Magnum priced at $117.25 (or $5.86 per round). There are some bulk options available that can increase the total cost, but significantly reduce the cost per round.

Want to buy me some ammo? I’m sure the answer is probably no. But I hope those asking me what I want for my birthday read this list. Here are a few different types of ammo that I could use more of:

And for something with a bit more novelty… I still want some Werewolf Defense Line ammo from Minuteman Ammo for the calibers I own. That’s real live ammo with pure silver projectiles. Unfortunately, it’s all currently sold out. I do hope they bring it back and its availability lines up with my fund availability.

Hunting Gear

I recently published a few articles covering what I consider to be must have, should have, and could have gear for deer hunting season. I got everything covered on my must have list and most things on the should and could have lists. But, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do with some changes to what I have ready to go nor that I don’t want to try out some other gear.

I’m still looking for a good set of GMRS radios. I’ve had my eye on some walkie talkies with a Mossy Oak finish by Midland. But I’ve also been considering getting a set of BaoFeng UV-5R radios since I’m a little curious about amateur HAM radio operation.

Another thing I would like to add is a good chopping tool. As I mentioned in the could have list, I’d really like either an ESEE Gibson Axe or a Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet.

I’m still pretty new to hunting, but I suspect hunters are to hunting gear as gun owners are to ammo – particularly opinionated. So again, I suggest doing a bit of recognizance to find out what hunting gear is desired.

The Gift of Time

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. All the suggestions, I’ve made are material. Spending a bit of time letting the gun person in your life talk about what they love to do is a gift in of itself.

It may also happen that the things desired may not be affordable. If that happens, don’t worry about it. Instead consider joining the gun person in your life in one or more firearm related activities. The one thing us gun types tend to enjoy more than talking about guns is getting out and using them, and it means a lot to be able to share that joy and pass it on to others.

Good luck in your quest to find the perfect gift.

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