Double Feed and a Clean Run

I go back and forth on whether to post individual after match reports or a monthly match summary. I suppose individual match reports give me an opportunity to go into more detail of each individual match while keeping the overall post size a little smaller. So I guess […]

Are Bore Snakes Just Hype?

I own several bore snakes or battle ropes or whatever you want to call them for several years. I initially purchased them when I first got into guns to help me clean guns that required tools for disassembly. An example of these types of guns would include the […]

IDPA Report June 2019

Shot two more IDPA matches this month. Both matches took place at the Austin Rifle Club and were hosted by Texas Tactical. It was uneventful in terms of how the Sig Sauer P229 ran, which is good given the malfunctions I most likely induced last month.