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Is the Sig Sauer MPX a Viable PCC for IDPA and USPSA?

Dave Woodruff, a guest contributor, shares his thoughts on the viability of the Sig Sauer MPX for use in IDPA and USPSA competitions.

PCC shooting with a Sig MPX.  A lot has already been said about the Sig MPX and even more about shooting PCC in IDPA and USAPSA!  Most of it was probably said and written a lot better than I will be able to, but I was asked and wanted to share my thoughts on this platform.

I purchased my Sig MPX after my last deployment as a kind of “deployment gift” to myself.  I liked the idea of using a “rifle” to shoot in steel, IDPA, USPSA or even three gun matches because that’s pretty much all I have used over my 25 years in the Army.  Before you say it, yeah, I have qualified dozens of times on the M9 and M17 over my time, but like most people, I am much better with a long gun. 

When I purchased it, I was not up to speed on what “gen” or generation my MPX was and did not know it was finicky with magazines.  I had so many problems with it that I almost shit canned it and was going to go with something different.  That was until I took it to a steel challenge match here in San Antonio, Texas and a Wise Man told me all the issues with Sig Mags and the Different generations.  I quickly got rid of the Bad Mags and the Gun ran like a Champ!  I finally figured out why everyone loved it so much.

I have added pictures below of the Sig MPX Generation 2 and 3 differences for reference. My MPX is a Gen 2 and it runs great, when I clean and oil it and know how to maintain it.  Which is what you will see a little bit later below. 

I started taking my “gen 2” to IDPA, USPSA and Steel matches and it outran and out shot me every time l let it!  It was like magic, just point in the general direction and squeeze!  It was a beautiful site and feeling!  I have probably shot it in about 50-75 matches in its lifetime and although it had some minor issues (mostly my fault) it has impressed me. 

I usually take it to the local matches here in San Antonio, between Bandera’s IDPA club, Mike Webb’s Texas Tactical club in Bulverde and Mike Webb’s Texas Tactical Club up at the Austin Rifle Club it has been a blast to shoot.  I have added a number of upgrades along the way.

I have added my first IDPA 5×5 qualification for reference.  The two qualifications are one week apart at different clubs, the first at Mike Webb’s Texas Tactical IDPA match in Austin and the second time is at Bandera’s IDPA match.  I shaved off two seconds but dropped 2 points down and you can see the results.  Sorry for the glare on the tablet.

Parts and Trigger

I added a couple of parts and pieces over time from a number of manufacturers.  I removed the original Sig folding Stock and added the Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) Stock adapter, put on a Giessele Buffer tube (no real reason to go that expensive). Then I slapped on a B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD because I have one on my AR and I like the cheek-to-stock fit. 

I also added the TTI Magwell, which makes reloads much faster and easier as well as ergonomically better.  I changed the forearm from the original Sig “chunky boy” to a Samson Manufacturing forearm, which is much slimmer and easier to get my hand around. 

I struggle with triggers, but I am a huge advocate of upgrading your trigger if you haven’t already.  Personally, I believe the trigger is the #1 way to make your shooting better.  A good trigger eliminates a lot of what we as humans screw up ourselves.   

I have gone through a couple of triggers from Timney and a Super 3 Gun from Giessele in my AR and both of them would double and sometimes triple on me.  Before you start with the “you just don’t know how to shoot with them”, I finally found an AR Trigger from Timney that is just as fast and light and doesn’t double.  All that to say that the MPX is ruthless on triggers, so I looked around and didn’t want to spend $300 on the Timney MPX trigger and springs, and I found Hiperfire.  It breaks smoothly and is light at just under 2 ½ pounds, it does have a little more travel than I would like, but it still shoots great.  They also give a military discount so that was a bonus too!


I’m not independently wealthy, so at the time, I had just picked up a used LPVO from a friend that I traded some ammo for and put on my AR and then put my Aimpoint PRO on my MPX.  I did take the spacer out of it to ensure it was at eye level.  I personally like the Aimpoint PRO, but any good optic will work.  Just train with it and spend some time on the range with it as well as dry fire.  There are better options, but it’s what I had on hand, and I have grown to like it and I have it zeroed for about 10-12 meters.  If you say 25 would be better, I’m not going to argue.  The IDPA target has a zero circle of 10” so for close range targets I don’t trust my hold and I hold center mass just like what has been drilled into me for a quarter century in the Army.  Yes, it can be trained out of me, but I like where I have it zeroed, and it works perfectly for me.  But you do you, why let some dude on the internet tell you something different!

So, the only hiccup I have had over the course of owning my MPX was I failed to understand the maintenance cycle and how to conduct proper maintenance.  I started cleaning it like most ARs, oops!  I would later find out that you have to do a few more steps to ensure it is running smoothly.  With the help of a shooting mentor, google and YouTube, I was able to keep my MPX up and running.

The Gas piston or (Tappet) (left) and Gas Plug Right.  Both were replaced after I shot the gun so much it stopped working, in the middle of a match, disappointed and embarrassed! 

I cleaned as much of the gun as I thought I needed to, but was later informed you have to remove the Barrel from the upper receiver. Who knew?  I picked up new springs, gas piston and gas plug relatively cheaply from,  I highly recommend them for cheap and fast shipping.  After replacing the gas piston and plug, it went right back to running hard and fast!

To end this rant, I would tell anyone who would listen, that I like my MPX, and I would highly recommend one.  There are others, both cheaper and more expensive, but I like the fact that there are a number of manufacturers that have aftermarket parts for it.  Because I compete as often as I can, I just picked up another Sig MPX, so I have a backup.  My goal is to shoot 50 matches this calendar year and I am planning on shooting in the Texas State IDPA match next year. 

About Dave Woodruff

Dave enjoys all the action shooting sports, including 3 gun, IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, as well as Skeet, 5-stand and sporting clays.  A 25-year Active Duty Soldier, Dave has shot since his Father first let him pick up a gun.  He has competed in the shooting sports since the early 2000s all over the country from Central Texas, West Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Pretty much everywhere Dave was stationed after 9/11, he has been competing minus the deployments, and overseas duty stations.  A self-proclaimed “regular Joe” who loves the shooting sports and the community.  He can be contacted at and is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Patreon and Snapchat.  You can also look up his scores and competitions on

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